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Lectures are easy to understand, clear and are to the point. Introduction to the course gives valuable tips and contains all the text, genuinely useful dialogues and exercise necessary for a visual understanding and vocabulary for practical training as a constructive concept. The same will also provide good foundation on the course by covering the main patterns and basic structure, necessary to acquire confidence in the respective fields.



Our result-oriented technical courses and practicals training provide a sound understanding of basic principles for attaining long-term goals. We also provide personal attention to teach/guide each and every student by our experienced qualified lecturers, through proper explanation at every step, to clear their doubts, to enlarge their skills and thereby help them to gain good command over their work.


TopSite Visits

Provides for a good experiment and educative experience, which helps them for proper explanation of the work on the spot. It helps sound understanding of the subject and basic principles in real time atmosphere and helps to impart professional skills on different dimensions, creation of awareness and overall improvement of ability.


TopVideo Lessons

We believe that in short term courses, no one has the enough leisure time to see the long-term site work from beginning to end. To meet this problem, we provide lengthy practical field studies in a short compact way in the form of video lessons. The same helps the student to see the collection of year long work in hours on the screen, gain complete knowledge of various types of working, planning, models and perspectives of various places. To put the same in proper explanation mode, ‘this class is a rich gold mine of practical knowledge and high instructive lessons’.


TopEducational Lectures

Educational Lectures are provided by guest lecturers from time to time. The students will be informed of the same well in advance. The guest faculty will impart lectures, which covers all the important lessons in the concerned subjects, experiences are shared, various types of practical methods and brief guidance are also imparted.  The students on the other hand can gain proper professional help and explore their hidden potential within them. They can also gain knowledge and move further along on the proper path.


TopInterview Training

Proper guidance is given to chart resume in professional format to apply for a job. Also proper interview lessons are provided so that the end result is successful.  Towards this, an appraisal service route that includes detailed collection, analysis of work, personnel interpretation data are also provided. All of these help the students gain self-confidence, greater understanding of self and final adjustment to the work culture.


TopTerm Test and Exam

Regular practical and theory tests are conducted at the end of each term and month. The management fixes the date and time of the same. The final examination will be conducted after the successful completion of the course.



To help the students gain confidence, every step will be taken to harness their knowledge, ideas and translate them into reality. The competitions are conducted each year, with batch divided into seniors and juniors. Students ranking first, second and third are provided awards. The subjects of competitions are-

Building Drawings

Planning (Architectural Design)

Perspective (view and colour-view)

Building Models

Drawing on inspection of existing building by taking its measurement

Colouring of Elevations and Views

All of the above steps are based on the adage- “In today’s competitive world, a well-trained person is always one step ahead of others”.

They help a student achieve proper assessment in their work, skills, ability, and self-confidence and gain the right path to overcome professional challenges. Judges will select the best and successful candidates.



Exhibitions are arranged every year and is open to one and all. The work output of the selected students will be displayed in the said exhibitions at the campus. The exhibitions will also see the participation of regular students, old students, and other students of various polytechnics, ITI’s, Engineering and other colleges. In addition, the presence of professionals in civil construction as builders, engineers, architects, and consultation firms is also assured.


TopDiploma and Awards

It will be awarded to all students on successful completion of said course and invited guests will give the same at the mini-convocation. All the winners of the various competitions will be awarded at the annual general function and they come in range of first, second and third slot. Consolation prizes are also awarded.

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