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Civil Draughtsmanship

C A D – Computer Aided Drafting


CAD – MEP, A.C Mech, Electrical, Plumbing

Interior Designing

REVIT 3d BIM Architecture

3ds MAX & Photo Shop


Estimating and Costing


Eligibility:: SSC /Inter/Graduate Fees: 6,000/- Duration: 03 Months, 03 Hrs. daily Tim: 8-11,11-2, 3-6 & 6-9

Syllabus: Learn to draw starting from lines, recangle, circle, arches, Diff: shapes,Scales. Next - Rooms, doors & windows, houses, Staircases, railing, sunshades, Plan, Section & Elevation of: Residential / Commercial buildings with Area Calculation . Practical visits : Measuring and drawing of existing Flat, house, Office, Plot. After successful completion the student will be able to transform rough sketches of Architects & Engineers into neatly scaled out drawings. Note: See the CD book for complete syllabus


Duration: 2 Months (2 hrs daily) Batches: 8am to 9pm Fees: 5,000/- Elg: CD, D.Arch, DCE, DAE, BE, B Arch

Syllabus: Learn to draw on computer what you have drawn on drawing sheets. Learn more than 100 commands including Keyboard Functions, Ortho, Snap, Grid, Units, Layers, Zoom, Undo/Redo, Esc Key, X,Y,Z, coordinate, draw- Line, Polygon, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse. Edit, settings, modify, layers, blocks, offset, fillet, trim, chamfer, array, Text, Erase, Copy, Mirror, scale, areas, unit conversion, dimensioning, utilities, printing on scale, etc; Draw plan, section & elevation of many Residences, Buildings. Practical’s – Measure and draw in CAD Flat, Office, Residence etc;


Duration:09 Months, 03 Hrs daily Tim:8-11,11-2, 3-6 & 6-9 Elg: SSC /Inter/ Graduate with C.D. Fees: 20,000

: After completion of the course the student will be able to design residences, buildings, as per the house owners requirements, and prepare all the drawings necessary for the execution of the proposed project

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Designing of Residences in 100, 200 to 400 yards. Alternate Plans for same land/ plot. One portion, two portions, single storied, double storied Clinic cum Residence, Office cum residence.. Designing of Residential / Commercial complex, Multi storied buildings, Flats, offices, Shops etc; in 1000 yards and above land area. Planning as per Utility, comfort, luxury, privacy, circulation, multi-functional spaces. Proportion in design, harmony, balance. Light and air in rooms, proper ventilation. Planning as per the requirements of the family members, their age, profession, and future needs.

AREA CALCULATION: Areas of open plots, existing and proposed buildings. Calculating: Plot area, built-up area, open area, ground floor area, typical floor area, total built-up area, circulation area, common area, balcony area, carpet area, FOR LAYOUTS/COLONIES: Land area, plotted area, roads area, park/ garden area, shops/ commercial area, school area. Community hall, club, swimming pool, clinic/ hospital. Area allocated for mosque, temple, church, security, watchman, servant quarters, maintenance staff, FSI, calculations & conversions in metric & British system.

WORKING DRAWINGS: Plans for Mark out & excavation of pits, Column foundation, detail dimension of walls in plan section and elevation. Detail plans for flooring, terrace, kitchen, toilets, grills, JALIES, railing, parapet, doors, windows, ventilators, partitions. Sanitary and Electrical plan.

R.C.C. Details: Foundations, Pedestal, Column, Beams, Lintel, Roof, Portico, Water tank, sump, staircase. Complete drawing and site visits.Preparing the drawing for the submission in municipality, urban development authority etc;

INTERIOR DESIGNING: Measuring and drawing the existing furniture, knowing the sizes as per the standards. Different types of furniture: fixed, movable foldable. Wooden, steel, plastic, fiber. Placement of furniture in drawing room, living hall, dining hall, bed room, children’s room, kitchen, etc; Furniture and fixtures sizes as per the requirement of the clients. Furniture Designing, Ward Robes, show cases, & cup boards. Interior designing of houses, bungalows, flats, shops, offices, Bank etc;

ELEVATION DESIGNING: Different Elevation schemes for the same house, bungalow, complex, exhibition stalls etc

Buildings Model Making: Before the starting of a construction project, when a scaled MODEL is displayed it gives a very clear picture of the proposed building. The student is trained to prepare models of existing/proposed buildings, Residential/Commercial comlex, Row houses, farm houses, colonies, etc. Models are prepared using different materials and instruments, Method of cutting, pasting and its styles and techniques, Treatment for grass, trees, pathways and other architectural presentations, Colouring and packig / presentation in a glass box.

ESTIMATING & COSTING: Quantities and cost of materials required for the construction, Excavation, Cement, Sand, Bricks, Steel, Crusher, Doors, Windows, Electrical, Sanitary, Marble, etc; Labor charges, for different works Centering, Mason, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Flooring mason, Tile mason, false ceiling, Partition, etc;

Top REVIT Architecture: 3d BIM (Building Information Module Elg: CAD Fees: 17,000

Duration: 2 Month, 02 Hrs.daily Tim: 10-12,1-3,5-7 & 7-9 Revit Architecture is a software for Architects. When you draw plan, it automatically draws section, elevation and views. And when you insert doors, windows, it automatically cuts the wall and places it.

Syllabus: Syllabus includes – units, pre-commands & post-commands. drawing plan using lines. place walls, doors & windows to project. adding levels, floors, roof, components. create a staircase, railing, ramp. adding materials. create a section, an elevation. Setup cameras, create a view with 3d wheel.Add scale, dimensions, text, ceilings to the project. Save, copy, modify, import/export drawing files from – other softwares. Specify ceiling details, specify the detail levels of a view. Add detail component to the project - add sheets to the project. Create a titleblock, schedule. Create renderings. adjust rendered image exposure. Use the sun path in rendered images

Top3 ds MAXSyllabus: 3ds Max is a 3D modeling software provides a comprehensive modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering solution for 3D animations, architectural visualization, games and images . 3ds Max delivers efficient new tools, accelerated performance, and streamlined workflows to help increase overall productivity for working with complex, high-resolution assets. It is used in presentations of interior schemes, with furniture, colors, lights, shades and shadows. And in buildings for elevations designs, walkthroughs, animations, making movies of the proposed colonies, villas, gated communities etc;

Top PHOTOSHOP Syllabus: Photoshop basics –Color, Brush, Painting, Retouching,Filling and stroking. Masks and Channels. Settings. Layers, Photo corrections, Text, Drawing. Getting to know the work area. Correcting and enhancing digital photographs.Animating gif images for the web.Producing and printing consistent color. A tool for coloring elevations, views, scenes, any objects, applying materials, animation, walk through camera, etc;.

TopLand Survey Basic Eligibility: SSC /Inter/Graduate, Duration : Two Months. Fees 5,000/-

Syllabus: Survey is the first step for starting any civil work. Measuring the distances, angles, dimensions, and calculating the areas, volumes – Finding the different levels, slopes for executing the works of - Roads, Bridges, dams, lakes, culverts, canals, mines, Railway tracks, drainage system, water supply, oil pipelines, Farms, colonies, mark out for buildings etc; Preparing the survey drawing for presentation/ execution. We teach from the basics starting from Plain Table Survey, Chain Survey, Compass Survey, Contours, Levelling through Dumpy Level, Theodolite etc

TopTOTAL STATION- Survey Eligibility: After basic Survey, Duration : 15 days. Fees 5,000/-

Syllabus: Total Station is the advanced electronic / computerised machine for topographic surveying. It is integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point.The distances, angles, and co-ordinates are measured by infrared signals, with great accuracy.It can store data of distance, angles, levels which can be downloaded to a computer later. The computer will use this data to generate a map and get prints from the printer. Total station is used widely in all civil works all over the world as it saves time and maintains accuracy.

TopEstimation and Costing

Duration: 45 Days

Syllabus: Quantities and cost of materials required for the construction, Excavation, Cement, sand, bricks, steel, crusher, doors, windows, electrical, sanitary, marble, etc; Labor charges, for different works Centering, Mason, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Flooring mason, Tile mason, false ceiling, Partition, etc;

Practicals: Visit to construction sites, survey of the building materials, etc.

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