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Managing Director

Indo-British Academy

NOTE: To understand the syllabus perfectly please read the complete syllabus and call the Managing Director09705998020.

About the BUILDER CONTRACTOR     course


Since 1977 we have trained thousands of students in the field of construction, a fact well known to most of the Architects, Civil Engineers, Builders and contractors in Hyderabad and INDIA. We are the oldest private institution to impart knowledge in civil construction. Our students have been working in India and all over the world as Civil Draughtsman, Architectural assistants, Land surveyors, CAD designers etc;

Many of our students are successfully running their own construction companies. During discussion, interaction with our ex students we felt the need for a comprehensive course in building construction and contracts. So that the candidates do not lose their hard earned money, due to lack of knowledge about rules, system and inadequate TRAINING.


Construction business is a combination of many trades, skills, professions: as you can see from the vast syllabus given below. Technical training is as important as Mind training. In this course we have given a lot of emphasis on self improvement, attitudes, aptitudes, confidence building, labor management, negotiation skills, purchase, sale and business techniques.


Real Estate is the largest employer of technical manpower. There is a huge gap in demand and supply of affordable housing in India and all over the world. Many countries specially in middle east are booming with construction activity. The Indian government has allocated funds and subsidies for housing sector and has announced development of many SMART CITIES. Specially in the newly formed states of TELANGANA and ANDHRA the real estate is booming. To fulfill these requirements the need if for: TECHNICALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY trained BUILDER’S, CONTRACTORS.

Our aim is to train the participants to take up the construction work not only in India but all over the WORLD. Join now YOU can be the ONE.Remember:



THINK about the prospects, DISCUSS, with your family, DECIDE - your future goal, ACT - Call 9705998020 to clarify your doubts. Learn, train at your place at your pace.

Start small - Register by paying Rs 10,000/-E.

I will train you for a month -IN YOUR CITY. After one month if YOU or the management feels that this profession is not suitable for YOU. Then half the fee will be refunded.If YOU are satisfied and want to continue after a month then we shall talk...


We take you through the TOUGH PATH


  1. Real estate agent: charges 1% to 4% on the transaction cost. If a house is sold at 80 lakhs, the commission is between 80,000/- to 240,000/-.
  2. A contractor constructs a house in 6 months and earns around 10 to 20% of the cost. If the cost of the house is 3,000,000/- , the profit is 3 to 6 lakhs.
  3. A small builder will purchase a 100 / 200 yards land and construct a house/ building, and earns around 20 to 25 % on his investment. If the selling price is 75 lakhs calculate the profits.
  4. 4. Under my guidance / training you can develop your own residential complex consisting of say 20 two bedroom flats. If the selling price of each flat is 35 lakhs, calculate the profits.
  5. And after 5 to 7 years years if you construct a building, or take a contract worth 10 crores and complete it in one year – calculate the profits at 12 to 20 %.
  6. My vision is to raise a fully trained team capable of taking contracts worth hundreds of crores,in any city in INDIA, any where in the WORLD.

SKY IS THE LIMIT - for the persons trained by us.

AIM for the SUMMIT – the competition is less at the TOP. JOIN NOW for A BRIGHT FUTURE.


This course is a combination of theory and practical on site training on Residential, Commercial buildings and Multi - crore complexes, From laying of the foundation to the completion of the project. . Our aim is to make the candidates well versed in all spheres of construction, and train them to start their own consultancy and construction company.



If your aim is to earn above one lakh rupees per month, and you want to be self employed, your own BOSS, JOIN THIS COURSE.



Since 1977

Thousands of students all over the world


Pioneers in Civil / Architectural courses

Offers Practical training for


Under the direct supervision of

Director Mr. N. A. Mateen, click here to see large picture.
1. Land Survey 2. Civil Draughtsmanship 3. Practice Drawing
4. Staircase 5. Scales 6. Area Calculation
7. Site Visits & Practicals 8. Architectural Design 9. Working Drawings
10. Interior Designing 11. False Ceiling 12. Curtain's, Upholstry, Carpet
13. Interior Views, Walkthrough 14. Elevation Designing & Perspectives 15. Buildings Model Making
16. Estimating & Costing 17. Computer Aided Drafting 2D and 3D 18. Vasthu: FENG SHUI
19. Building Material Rates and Testing 20. Labor Rates and Standards 21. Lift, Elevator, Escalator, Ramps
22. Electrical Layout 23. Soil Testing, Termite Proofing, Fire & Construction Safety 24. Sanitary and Water Supply
25. Flooring 26. Partitions 27. Wood & Steel
28. Water Proofing 29. Coloring 30. FSI FSR TDR
31. Visiting Whole Sellers 32. Builder / Contractor 33. Real Estate Agency
1. LAND SURVEY: Chain Survey , Compass Survey, Plain Table Survey, Contours, Leveling through Dumpy Level, Theodolite, TOTAL STATION, survey of open Land, drawing and marking: Roads, plotting, developing of colonies, drainage system, water facility.
2. CIVIL DRAUGHTSMANSHIP: Different rooms their uses and sizes. Verandah , sit out, patio, drawing, living, dining, children’s room, master bedroom, dressing, walk in closet, kitchen, toilets, wash, store, prayer, guest room, study, library, garage, portico, sump, overhead water tank. Pent house. Open spaces, garden, swimming pool, gym etc;
3. PRACTICE DRAWINGS: plans of many residences, Indian bungalows, Office cum residence, Clinic cum residence, Saudi villas, school, hotel, residential complex, plotting layout. Placing of ward robes, cup boards, showcases, walk in closets.
STAIRCASE: Calculating the number of steps as per the given height of the building. Increasing and reducing the size of riser, tread, mid and main landing. Types of staircases, single flight, L-shaped, common, doglegged, bifurcated, open well.
SCALES: Use of different scales, reducing and enlarging scales, British system and Metric system ( 1/48, 1/96- 1:50, 1:100, 1:200). As per requirement. Use of scale in CAD.
Area Calculation: Areas of open plots, existing and proposed buildings. Calculating: Plot area, plinth area, open area. Land area, built-up area, open area, ground floor area, first floor area, second floor area, third floor area, fourth floor area, typical floor area, total built-up area, tot lot area, mezzanine floor area, circulation area, common area, balcony area, carpet area, penthouse area. Land area, plotted area, roads area, park/ garden area, shops/ commercial area, school area. Community hall, club, swimming pool, clinic/ hospital. Area allocated for mosque, temple, church, security, watchman, servant quarters, maintenance staff.
Site visits and Practical: Going to the site, self measurement, preparing drawing and area calculation of open plots, existing houses, buildings.
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Utility, comfort, luxury, privacy, circulation, multi-functional spaces. Proportion in design, harmony, balance. Light and air in rooms, proper ventilation. Planning as per the requirements of the family members, their age, profession, and future needs.
WORKING DRAWINGS: Plans for Mark out , Column foundation, detail dimension of walls in plan section and elevation. Detail plans for flooring, terrace, kitchen, toilets, grills, JALIES, railing, parapet, doors, windows, ventilators, partitions. Sanitary and Electrical plan. R.C.C. details: Column, Beams, Lintel, Roof, Portico, Water tank, sump, staircase. Complete drawing and execution.
INTERIOR DESIGNING: Measuring and drawing the existing furniture, knowing the sizes as per the standards. Different types of furniture: fixed, movable foldable. Wooden, steel, plastic, fiber. Placement of furniture in drawing room, living hall, dining hall, bed room, children’s room, kitchen, etc; Furniture and fixtures sizes as per the requirement of the clients. Furniture Designing, Ward Robes, show cases, & cup boards. Interior designing of houses, bungalows, flats, shops, offices, Bank etc;
FALSE CEILING: Different material used in false ceiling, plaster of paris, wood, plastic, fiber, etc; different concepts, designs.
CURTAIN’S, UPHOLSTERY, CARPET: Different textiles, types, designs, uses in residences, bungalows, offices, shops, showrooms etc;
INTERIOR VIEWS, WALKTHROUGH, with different color schemes, furniture designs. Basic and secondary colors, complimentary colors. Harmony, discord and contrast in colors. Effects of different colors. Making a room appear big or small using different colors.
ELEVATION DESIGNING & PERSPECTIVES. Different Elevation schemes for the same house, bungalow, complex, exhibition stalls etc;
BUILDINGS MODEL MAKING. Model making of house, bungalow, complex with mount board, acrylic, wood blocks.
ESTIMATING & COSTING. Complete exterior, interior. Material, labor, Time bound construction of flats, bungalow, office, show room, banks, etc; different schemes for the same unit, economical design and materials. Material/Labor saving, Store keeping, record keeping of material.
COMPUTER AIDED DRAFTING 2D and 3D. Basic and Advance. M E P with Air-conditioning. Training on many software’s: AUTOCAD, CADIAN, ARCHICAD, CHIEF ARCHITECT, GOOGLE SKETCHUP, 3d HOME etc; and PHOTOSHOP. Complete training with printouts.
VASTHU: The science of building homes. The elements of nature their effects in our day to day work. FENG SHUI: Introduction to the Chinese vastu
Building material rates and testing: Sand, Crusher, Cement, Steel, Bricks, hollow blocks, solid blocks. Purchasing of machinery, equipments, taking on lease : Concrete mixer, beam vibrator, slab vibrator, spades, gampas, crowbars, ballies, tadkas, ladders, stools, correct measurement of sand, crusher, mixing proportion of cement sand and crusher, water ratio, etc ;
Labor rates and standards: Excavation , Centering , Mason , Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Flooring mason , Tile mason, False ceiling, Partition , Furniture , Landscaping . Pre-Construction setup: store room, watchman room, site office, toilets, etc; Bore well, motor, electric meter, water storage tank, Excavation of cellar for parking, column pits.
LIFT, ELEVATOR, ESCALATOR, RAMPS: Structural requirement, costing, precautionary measures, installation and maintenance.
Electrical layout: Laying of P. V. C. pipes in roof, walls. Wiring, switch boards, ceiling rose, bulb holders, tube lights, exhaust fan ceiling fans. Power plug for: T. V. Fridge, Mixer, Iron, Washing Machine, Geyser, Computer, sockets for telephone, cable, internet etc;. (complete drawing and execution.) Material & labor.
SOIL TESTING, TERMITE PROOFING, FIRE AND CONSTRUCTION SAFETY: Rules and regulations, measures and procedures. Insurance against injuries, theft, fire, safety precautions, Earth quake proof buildings.
Sanitary and Water supply: taps in Kitchen, toilets, pantry wash area, dish washer, washing machine, bath tub, geyser connection, wash basin, Indian W. C. western commode, Anglo Indian,. Material & labor (Complete drawing and execution.)
Flooring: Cement, polished shahbad, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, granite etc; different qualities in each category, Material cost, labor charges. Tiles for walls: Kitchen, Toilets, different sizes, qualities, rates, labor charges for fixing, Methods of fixing. PVC , Vinyl,parquet
Wood & Steel: Pure teak, medium teak, Assam teak, Burma teak, non teak, Plywood , particle board, ready made frames, shutters, water proof shutters, nuwood. Etc Steel doors, windows, ventilators, safety grills, Gates, sliding channel gates, rolling shutters, Aluminum, wood, glass, doors, windows, etc;
Water proofing in toilets, kitchen, cellar, terrace, damp prevention, termite safety.
Coloring: Interior Exterior colors, oil bond distempers, enamel paints. Different qualities, different rates, Lappum finishing, different types of wall finishing, brushes and other equipment, labor charges.
Visiting whole sellers, factories for best quality & cost of material, the different varieties of materials. Many presentations by material manufacturers.
BUILDER / COTRACTOR: Preparing & submitting quotation for contracts for houses, building complexes etc. constructing as per time schedule, within the estimates as per the specifications. Purchasing old houses, renovating and selling on profit. Purchasing of plots, constructing houses and selling.
REAL ESTATE agency: Entering into agreements, selling and purchasing of plots, old / new houses and flats on commission. Maintenance of buildings, complex etc;
Practical English, communication skills, getting positive results from your communication, public speaking, interacting with different people in different departments.

After the completion of the course:

Preparing a GOAL, financial plan for the next two years. Making a step by step time schedule to reach the GOAL. Periodical meetings to refuel your adrenalin, to continue positive thinking, to keep the motivation high.

FEE REFUND: After ONE month during the course if the candidate OR the management feels that the course is not suitable for the candidate, Then the fee will be refunded after deducting Rs 5,000/-.


Advance Professional Course Details:

If your aim is to earn above TEN lakhs rupees per month, and you want to be a BIG boss, in the construction industry, then this course is for YOU.

In this course you will not only learn HOW TO DO but practically execute many construction projects.

This course includes all the syllabus of the BASIC course plus the following:

1. Basic Computer 2. Computer Accounting 3. Internet Browsing & Webmaster
4. Land Survey Through GPS 5. Primavera Project Planner 6. Landscaping
7. Prefabricated Structures, Houses etc. 8. Soil & Material Testing 9. Quality Assurance & Quality Control
10. Permissions, Sanctions for Constructions 11. Paper Cutting of Tenders 12. Paper Cutting of Flats, Plots
BASIC COMPUTER: Word, excel, PowerPoint etc; To use the computer in your day to day life for a better performance.
COMPUTER ACCOUNTING: To keep track of your personal and construction expenses. To know the profit and loss, balance sheet – of your construction projects.
INTERNET BROWSING & Web Master: for understanding the latest trends, designs, materials in constructions. Use of internet for enhancement of your business. Learning to host and control your own web site, the future way of business
Land survey through G P S. the latest instrument.
P P P: Primavera project planner: the most advanced planning software for building construction management. It guides in every stage of construction and is compulsory in all big projects.
Landscaping - indoor outdoor plants, mounds, shrubs & trees. Designing the garden, ornamental plants, seasonal plants, flower plants, fruit yielding trees. Lawns, terraces, window sills etc;
Prefabricated structures, houses etc. Low cost housing. Economy houses flats. Identifying the suitable and best type of material and construction for an individual project.
Soil & Material Testing
Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Permissions, Sanctions for constructions: Mandal, HUDA, HADA, Municipal Corporation, sanction of house, Apartment, Commercial Complex, colonies, Water & Sewerage sanction, Electrical Transformer Sanction.
Paper cutting of tenders, filling of tender forms, participating in open auctions. For government contracts for maintenance, repairs and new construction of quarters, houses, buildings, gardens etc;
Paper cutting of flats, plots for sale- complete- costing personal enquiry, telephone enquiry, Selling of flats, brochures, paper advertisements, taking advances, agreements. Estimating & costing of land value, construction cost, permission expenses- fees, feasibility.


After the completion of the course, half the fee amount will be invested to start a construction project with 8 to 10 participants as partners, (only for those who have 90% attendance) under the guidance of the trainer. After selling the project, the participants can take the amount as well as the profits.

Once you have joined, don’t think it as a course – think that you have started your own business. The difference will be, YOU get complete experience without any risk.

Our relationship with the participants is a lifelong process – it continues even after the course is completed.

Becoming a successful BUILDER, CONTRACTOR is a lot of hard work, if you have a strong desire to become a CROREPATI, our step by step guidance will take you through, and you will become a WINNER.

When you join the course, you are on your way to become A RICH, FAMOUS, WELL KNOWN, SUCCESSFUL


Join NOW, Contact:


3RD floor, Mustafa Towers, Lakdikapul,


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